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Arcade Room: Games and Stuff

Welcome to the Arcade Room, a curated collection of my creative experiments. Throughout my journey growing as a creative, I've dabbled with various aesthetics, tools, software and mediums. From 2D graphics to 3D animations, interactive prototypes to immersive experiences, you'll find a diverse array of creations. Each project, no matter how big or small has been a journey of discovery and learning for me. I hope you will find something that resonates with you and sparks your curiosity too!

Flashlight Miner

Flashlight Miner is an arcade game where you'll find yourself trapped in the depths of a pitch-black mining tunnel. With only a small headlight to guide your way, you must rely on your quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive. Use your wearable controller powered by Arduino, which utilizes accelerometer data, to point towards the tunnel's opening and keep running to escape the relentless pursuit behind you.


As part of my internship at Ogivly, I contributed to development and demonstration of first person driving VR game for Ford Taiwan's annual driving lessons, showcasing the hazards of unsafe driving practices through immersive experience. Created advertisements and promotional video as part of media kits, resulting in increased engagement, attendance and road safety awareness.

Projection Mapping

Experimental exploration of peace and tranquility through motifs of waves and blueness. Through the interplay of light, motion, and color, the piece sought to transport viewers to a place of inner peace and reflection.

Mask and Hide

Mask and Hide is a halloween themed game powered by Arduino and Unity. As night falls, players will encounter various creatures lurking in the darkness. To survive, they must think fast and put on the correct mask of each creature they encounter. Can they keep up the pace throughout the entire night and make it out alive?

Book of Life

An animated work examining the questions:

"Are we capable of creating simulated reality?”
“ Are we in one now?”
“ And if so, so what?"

Crack the Safe

This immersive game replicates the real-life experience of breaking into a safe. Using a dial, you'll need to listen closely, just like a professional safe-cracker, to detect the correct position of the dial and hear the perfect tone, unlocking one part of the game. Challenge your friends and see who can crack the safe faster.

Mini Instruments

Experimential instrument play powered
by Arduino. Paired traditional
instruments with sounds that aren’t traditional theirs.