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Created with Unity and Blender

Thomas Greene Park Video Walkthrough from Sarah Tsao on Vimeo.

Issues Identified and Challenges

First improvement was tackling the issue of the current park being too conventional. Each park should be unique and possess its own qualities and characteristics that help provide a meaning to this specific park.

The second improvement point is the layout of the current park. With the park being separated into sections with fences, it loses a sense of connected community. In order to connect the park as a whole, something as simple as a path that runs through the park from the Northeast corner to the Southwest corner can help guide park goers into the park and bring back a sense of community and belonging.

Lastly, there are currently many areas that are restricted seasonally. Looking at the overall park design, most of the space is hard to use year round, especially in the winter. The extra handball courts, pool area opened only over the summer (3 months of the year), and surrounding areas around the park such as the driveway and street towards the canal can be put to good use by redesigning it into a functional space that is open and accessible to everyone. Spaces such as the extra handball courts and large black-top space can be converted into open green spaces that can also manage stormwater.

Concepts and Ideas





Details in Design 

Final Park